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There is no middle of the road for Marrakech. Either you love it or you hate it. Chaotic, polluted, jammed with car and bike traffic, often dirty. But also fascinating, unpredictably casual and chic at the same time.
Two sides of the same coin to define the most famous, cool and trendy city in Morocco. An enchanting city where ancient traditions and the joie de vivre merge in the past, present and future.
Where the stream of tourists buzzing in Jemaa El Fna square, declared World Heritage, and the narrow alleys in the adjacent souk, only seeming touch the numerous habitués who live in a less ostentatious dimension, in the quiet of the ancient country homes, in the seduction of exclusive Riads and in the trendy clubs, sophisticated expression of L’art de vivre, perfect fusion of ancestral tradition and European style, of African chic and strict aesthetic minimalism. Marrakech must be discovered by foot in the ancient medina, revived by the many renovated old buildings and Riads, elegant and gracious Maisons de charme, where you can rediscover the charm of a romantic past in the ease of modern living.